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Welcome to the pressroom of Studio Johannes Müller.

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Johannes Müller (27)

Johannes is a young, open-minded, upcoming designer. After ten years of intense work and study focused on wood, he released the "Meditri stool" and won his first major award—the Iconic Interior Award for best of the best. His projects strive to be sustainable, minimalist, useful, and characterized by clear and strong shapes. Therefore, he pushes the boundaries of traditional materials, always seeking new interpretations of the craft. The result is a durable and highly functional product that speaks directly to the heart. Some of his ideas are real problem-solvers, addressing well-known everyday challenges.

It's his first time in Milan, where he aims to forge new partnerships and connections with like-minded individuals who share his vision.


Meditri JM08

Lightweight, dynamic and stackable, the Meditri is a sustainable stool with reduced waste and emissions. Minimalism and functionality are the key messages. The innovative joints guarantee maximum stability with the lowest profiles. The three legs can stand safely on every floor surface. Stackable for small rooms. Individual use as side table is also possible. Highly transportable. Weighs under 2 kg. Very easy to lift and carry when stacked. Available in natural oiled and black.

Meditri Black and natural containered.JPG
Ginny_Barwagen_in Gebirgstanne.jpg


Ginny JM07

precise. minimalistic. elegant. JM07 "Ginny" is a bar and serving trolley made of solid wood. It offers various storage options and compartments. Highlights include the flap with a mirror behind it, as well as the ceramic countertop for cutting and preparing. It is equipped with wheels for mobility. Very minimal use of materials with only 12mm wood thickness. Crafted as unique pieces in every local wood type. Manufactured in Bavaria. Surface treated with oil. Dimensions: L 66.0 x H 92.0 x D 40.0 cm.


Enso JM10 series

The Enso range is a series of coffee tables in various sizes. The first prototype is presented at the Salone Satellite. An ultra-minimalist edge of 3 mm gives the surface a surreal floating appearance. The legs take up the shape of the table and taper downwards. A simple and stable table. What makes it special: Each piece is interchangeable and available individually. 

Enso announcement.jpg

04 and more

About my other projects

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