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Biblioteca - JM04

My masterpiece "Biblioteca" (JM04) was created in over 200 hours of planning and 180 hours of production. Made from the highest quality materials and fittings, it represents my craftsmanship and my design language.

Why do you build a masterpiece? I wanted to create something that represented me and at the same time contained something that was important to me. The design phase was therefore also a time for self-reflection. Here it turned out that knowledge as such has always been and is a fascination and passion for me, which is why the knowledge that is most valuable to me should find space in the furniture in the form of books.

Beauty comes when nothing can be added or taken away.

A surrounding, simple shell made of Sen encloses the knowledge. Access is provided by leather-covered doors and shutters. Everything is supported by a chrome-plated frame, based on 100 years of Bauhaus and 150 years of schools for wood and design.

The leather shutters can disappear completely into the body and the books can therefore also be presented. There are doors at the front that only open to those who know the mechanism. More sensitive documents such as diaries or the like are stored here.

Because the furniture is tilted, the books face the viewer and are easier to remove.

The round shape creates a pleasant atmosphere in the room and fits in very well.

The JM04 embodies the beauty and grace of the knowledge it holds within itself.

A unique piece that is invaluable to me and symbolizes another phase of my life.

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