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Journeyman piece Johannes Müller

Milestones that remain.

Journeyman piece. A name for a piece of furniture that alone becomes something special for the builder and everyone who knows the topic. But even without any prior knowledge of the industry, it is obvious to anyone that this is not an easy desk. It was made from Sen ash after countless months of designing, planning and constructing. 

It is characterized by the simplicity of Japanese furniture and Scandinavian modernity. Both are based on lightness, simplicity and a special kind of aesthetic. Reduce as much as possible. Those were also my specifications, which I implemented as best as I could.

Functionally, my desk offers legroom and a large writing surface to develop your own thoughts. The lower plate is used for short-term storage of documents or writing materials to always ensure a large writing surface. The flap in the middle contains a compartment for a laptop and accessories and shelves for pens. This guarantees that everything needed to create and realize designs and ideas is on site.

Journeyman piece. 

For me it's a start in the right direction. A direction that I want to keep going and in the end see how far I've come. 

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